Triple glazed for the price of double glazed

We currently have an offer on at Ashmore Glass, triple glazed units for the price of double glazed units.

Triple glazing uses three panes of glass sealed together and filled with Argon as opposed to double glazing which undergoes the same procedure however with two panes of glass. Argon gas is heavier than air and therefore works as an insulator both thermally and acoustically.

Benefits of triple glazing

  • Further reducing noise pollution with the three panes of glass.
  • Reducing heat loss with the added layer of heat loss. An Ashmore Glass window with triple glazing provides a U-value of 0.8.
  • The warm edge spacer bar used within the units adds to the thermal performance of your windows and reduces condensation.
  • Whilst still not soundproof, you will notice a reduction in noise from outside of your home.
  • Enhanced security with an extra pane of glass.