Our work for Caring Hearts WV11

At the beginning of the year, we were approached by a local charity to upgrade their existing timber windows and doorframes to more modern and energy-efficient UPVC alternatives. Caring Hearts WV11, based on Ashmore Park in Wolverhampton which provides vital support and care to vulnerable individuals in the community, recognized the need to improve the insulation and security of their premises.

Caring Hearts WV11 are a charity that sit in the heart of Ashmore Park and represent what the community is all about. They care for some of the most vulnerable individuals in our community and really do so much thankless work. We knew that the work they did for the community couldn’t and wouldn’t go unnoticed.

In response to the charity’s request, we provided a comprehensive consultation and site survey to assess the requirements of the project. Working closely alongside the charity to understand their needs and to design a bespoke solution that would meet their specific requirements. The final design incorporated a range of features, including high-performance UPVC windows and doors, double glazing and secure locking systems, to ensure maximum insulation, security, and energy efficiency.

The installation of the new windows and doors was carried out by the team, with minimal disruption to the charity’s operations. We ensured that all work was completed on time and to the highest standards our customers come to expect of us.

The benefits of the upgrade were immediately apparent to Caring Hearts WV11, with the new windows and doors providing improved insulation, noise reduction, heightened security and a modern look. The energy-efficient features of the UPVC windows and doors also resulted in significant cost savings on heating bills, enabling Caring Hearts WV11, to reinvest these funds in their vital services.

Overall, the project was a great success, and Caring Hearts WV11, were delighted with the outcome. We were hoping demonstrated our commitment to the local community as without your support, we simply wouldn’t be here.